Sunday, 1 July 2012

School fete went well...

It didn't rain!! Hooray!!

It did blow a gale towards the end though and my trustee marquee nearly blew away! Quickly taken down on the grounds of (ahem) health and safety.

Prints/collage pictures made by the children

Paper pirate hats

along with treasure chests (Sizzix Big Shot Pro, Box, Round Top) - worked out 16p each to make using A3 card form the Range (£3.99 a pack).
We made little treasure maps to go inside, along with a couple of gold coins and a pirate patch and moustache (ebay about 23p each).

Mini scarecrows made with the children, alongside their beans.  It's amazing what you can do with a couple of hessian sacks!

The hearts sold out ...
We kept a red, white and blue theme as it was the Jubilee/Olympics...which turned into a sailing/regatta theme...using any free materials that came my way, such as the hessian..cost forever in mind., as well as thinking up activities that 5 year olds can contribute to.

Clay initials made with the children - I used Scupley clay for these - however quite pricey at £13.99 a pack.  These were baked for 20 mins, then painted (by me!) and crackle glazed to look (a little) like spanish tiles.

Clay hearts (Das air dry). Cheaper at £3.99 a pack - took longer to dry out though and maybe not as durable as the Sculpey, which had a rubbery feel. The hearts were embossed with paisley embossing plates, then I used letterpress fonts to print words into them. (At last found a use for the letterpress collection gathering dust!). Then glazed.

We made mini Olympic torches too, just poking out in the corner.

My sail boat bunting in action (It wasn't for sale).

Not everything sold, but I'm sure it all will go next week in school with my selling technique! It's quite amazing though - we're always told that we're selling things too cheaply, but at a fete no-one will pay over a pound for anything. Most things were priced at 50p/£1, with a couple of items at £2 due to materials and effort!  We spent about a month preparing everything.

This was just one of the stalls at our fete, which usually raises around an amazing £2-£3000!

I don't mind sharing ideas - all for a good cause! Let me know how you get on..

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  1. Lovely as usual! My scarecrow is guarding the strawberries! Well done Herbie hen. x