Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Camel costumes

Camel costumes for 30 children

The headdresses were made from sugar paper and cereal boxes. The children cut out the shape (drawn with a handmade stencil that I had made), sponged it camel colour, then we added the extra features that I had prepared.

T shirts were an easy option, humps on the back...

tassels on the front with a bit of ric-rac, again everything with a budget in mind

a strip of cardboard was attached for the headband and another attached vertically for height.

Nativity backdrop

Just going through this year's photos... I made a backdrop for the school Nativity play featuring the stable and Bethlehem scene in the background

I incorporated a bit of patchwork

The wood effect fabric for the stable was from Ikea

Ironed on Bethlehem applique with ric-rac road and mountains

and this is another one that I made a few years ago from some end of roll fabrics that I had

They are about 15 ft long