Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Welsh lady peg dolls

Well here in Wales, St David's day is a big event in schools. We hold an annual Eisteddfod, where the children sing songs and recite poetry as well as making Welsh craft. Lots of prizes and fun galore. As my peg dolls have featured well on Pinterest - I thought I'd add them here. When I worked with reception age children, I made these every year. I prepared all the bits and bobs from my scrap stash - a triangle shawl, a rectangle for the skirt and a little pinny. Although I stopped using doilies as they kept ripping with those sticky fingers! So I used lace instead. The children glued them together and I helped them to tie them with string whilst they dried. The hat by the way, is just a sugar paper circle.
Wonky faces...
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  1. Oh, love them. Mynd i wneud nhw efo fy merch i wythnos'ma. Diolch :)