Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fairytales craft

Wow - can you tell it's half term? So many blog posts. I'm going through my photos of the various things that I've made.
Cinderella craft

Small children have limited drawings skills - so I tend to use a lot of collage, group projects, printing, whilst still practising their cutting  skills
I drew lines onto card and then photocopied it for the children to cut into strips.

The strips were crossed at the centre and fastened with a split pin, then each end brought up to the top and fastened with another split pin.
Sizzix extras such as leaves and the horses, but the children could make their own, depending on their skills - and there you have it - Cinderella's pumpkin coach.
Red Riding Hood craft

Forever thinking outside the box - This is an Ikea tablemat.

I've used printing ink here, it's really messy stuff - oily, but the children love printing and are always surprised at the result.

It's a tree for the woods.

You can just about make out a wolf rubbing hiding in the corner

The tree print on a display - I like to decorate the background on the display paper before it goes up.

The wolf was collaged from newspaper

This huge display was made from shapes - triangles, rectangles, circles and hexagons on Granny's quilt. The children printed onto the trees with maths shapes too.
The children drew around a hoola hoop to make a large circle and then cut it out themselves.
They rubbed the paper with a crayon on a crate - again they are fascinated with rubbings and the results that this achieves

We printed real fruit and vegetables for Grandma's basket

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Another group project - the children were engrossed in cutting snips around pieces of paper to create the bears' fur. We had a theatre role play area with a small stage to rehearse their plays.

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