Sunday, 19 January 2014

Finger Puppet Mice

Inspired by.....Finger puppet on CBeebies

We made these in school last week, but I wanted to make some longer lasting ones for the role play corner.
I had a piece of grey wool blanket, bought as a bag of scraps from Melin Tregwynt

And contrasting cotton pieces

I've sewn them together with a zigzag stitch - I tried one first, face sides together and turning it around, but it wasn't quite right as the blanket was too thick.

Sewn into cones with a tail added in the seam, then turned around.

The ears: I cut the circles with my ever so trustee Sizzix, then used heat and bond to keep the pink in place, then machine embroidered the onto the grey.

The ears were hand sewn on, with embroidered eyes for safety. I folded over the tail and hand stitched in for extra strength


Twenty mice later...yawn...these will go in the pet shop tomorrow. See link.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pirate bunting

I was asked to make some bunting for two little boys' playroom
I've used Laura Ashley gingham in red and blue

I've used a jute string to thread through the top, rather than my usual bias binding top

The reverse is a selection of Ikea and various vintage from my stash

Sizzix pirate skull, with heat and bond, then machine embroidered with a darning foot

I sewed the front of the gingham by machine, but did the reverse by hand so that the stitches were invisible for a neater finish

Saturday, 4 January 2014

50th Birthday Celebration

Well my OH celebrated the big 50 yesterday - and as he's not really one for a fuss - I threw him a (sort of) surprise party. After much deliberation and many questions on how he would like to mark the occasion, we settled on an overnight stay and spa and a local 5* hotel, and a tea party at home for family. He chose Mexican food - so we went the whole hog with a Mexican themed party. We'll be taking a trip away when the weather warms up,


Yum...chocolate fingers fort cake

Sorry! (ssh...don't tell him).

Silver Wedding Anniversary Card

My brother and his wife just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. So I made them a card, again recycling as much as I could, using gift wrap and cardboard packaging.



Happy Anniversary!

Friday, 3 January 2014


I'm a great believer in giving things a new life - whether it's buying second hand furniture or looking at every piece of packaging and thinking 'Now what can I make with this?' (My husband can testify to the hoards I have managed to ram into the shed). I use a lot of cardboard and packaging in my projects in my role as a teaching assistant. Making projects with 30 or even 60 children can be a bit pricey too....
I have access to used hessian sacks from my husband's factory, so these come in handy at school fete time..

Sweet little house keyrings.

I've used Cath Kidston for the fabric and machine embroidered using a darning foot - it allows a lot more freedom - takes a bit of getting used to, but is great fun. I've added East of India ribbon and a key ring.

Sold for £1.00 each - believe me that's the going rate at a fete!

Monster keyrings for the boys.

Christmas stockings

It's been a while.....reasons....well my lovely mum passed away last Christmas and I guess I lost my mojo for a while...I've also started studying again which takes up a lot of my time on top of work commitments...along with a big extension on the house..
But I've slowly started making things again...

I used a basic stocking from The Clever Baggers - then in fact, I took them apart as I decided to back them with a pretty Laura Ashley Gingham and added some binding. They were appliqued with brown tweedy fabric for the puddings and robins and I used some of my scraps including Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston. Some sparkly buttons and sequins for that extra shimmer. Made for the kids - little and not so little any more, and my inherited-along-the-way-kids - boyfriend, husband, girlfriend...although it was a close shave getting them finished on Christmas Eve  #stop leaving things to the last minute...

Hope you had a good Christmas too x
As an added extra....
I've used this simple robin design before. Our Christmas play was about a robin, so I quickly mustered up some last minute invitations for the parents. The children cut out their own holly leaf and collaged this sweet little bird.

Then I made a little sewing kit for a Christmas decoration. Again, using the same design, I cut out two different sized circles on my Sizzix, along with the bobbin and wing. I provided the thread and needle too - well not everyone has those at home - can you believe it? They took a while to put together but sold well at the Christmas fair.