Sunday, 28 August 2011

Holiday in West Wales

We stayed close to home this year and had a lovely time travelling up and down the west coast of Wales.

St. David's Cathedral, then onto the ruins of the Bishop's Palace -Cadw card courtesy of Mr Tesco clubcard


Then up the hill to a sweet little cafe  Having had a great interest in Samplers for 20 years, I loved this place. There are about 50 samplers on display, each one telling a different story. Lovely cream tea too.

Wherever we go in the UK, there's always a fudge shop to satisfy my son's sweet tooth.

Just dug out my samplers started many moons ago. They're on the to do list.

My wedding sampler

My family tree (although I've edited out the names!)
The Adam & Eve tree was a pattern from
'Making Samplers' by Jutta Lammer
ISBN 0-8069-7772-8

My children's school

This is my first 'married' home.  One of my sons was born in this house.  I was so sad to leave - but needed more space.  I always plant lots of lavender in the garden.

I went to my local library/museum and asked if they had any samplers in the stock room.  They did, and I was invited to spend a day 'studying' them.  I took photos and drew the patterns onto graph paper, and later used them in my own heirloom samplers. I usually started a sampler after a baby was born - and sewed during nap times.  They hold alot of emotion for me.

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