Monday, 30 April 2012

Wedding bunting

Using fabrics from my stash/gathered over the last year...including Clarissa from Laura Ashley, and a vintage crocheted tablecloth. I love this binding, a lovely crisp green with a scalloped edge.

The newspaper print fabric (ebay) goes really well with the vintage roses.  I've had to strategically place the crochet and roses though, as the content of the printed fabric was actually a little unsavoury! Be warned...

I've machine stitched over the roses to add more detail - they were cut out of the Laura Ashley fabric.

I did feel a little bad cutting up that tablecloth, but at least it's going on something that I know will be treasured.  Something old, something new....

Birdcage die from Sizzix (they don't pay me honestly!)
and my new die with the Jubilee in mind... the crown, topped off with pastel buttons and pearly sequins.
I intended on using white linen napkins, but the white is a little too white for this combination, so I may add calico with cakes on... keep you updated soon....and of course personalised with the Bride and Groom's names & date.

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  1. Love that shaded wool,Such dazzling hues… I am such a sucker for craftsmanship, to the point that includes beautiful shading. we have some of that same wool at home. I wager little N will love this as well. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing. Visit website,thanks for the tutorial.