Wednesday, 27 June 2012

School fete time again...

Thinking caps on....a few things that I have come up with so far, continuing on with the Jubilee/Olympics theme.  It started with red, white and blue...

The Queen of Hearts

 using a hessian sack from my husband's factory..


rather scrappy looking, but transformed...

by my husband - I used the wrong colours (apparently!)

I love the little details he added....he was itching to get his hands on them!

Flotilla/regatta theme

Of course you have to throw in a bit of bunting...

and  pirate flags..little treasure maps to go inside chests that I've made in school with the children, along with hats.  More pics soon..

I've found some more pictures!  I made these in school- we printed the 'waves' with string which we coiled up onto a circle of card.  The boat was collaged with newspaper and paper that we printed.  One of my favourite things to do is to go to IKEA and find alternative uses for their products.  The dots were printed with a jelly-like roll of drawer liner from the kitchen department  (just googled it, it's called RATIONELL VARIERA).

and the bunting, nearly finished..oops, just noticed that I've sewn one on the wrong way around, so excuse me I have some unpicking to do..and I've also just burnt the rhubarb other people live in this house??? really!! I've got a blog to write!

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