Tuesday, 17 February 2015

School fete

More photos of school fete craft.....
I decided to do a recycling/gardening theme with the reception children.
We made bird feeders from recycled milk bottles - again, you know me, keep it low cost!

I used my Sizzix to cut out birdhouse designs from orange juice cartons, and the flowers to spruce them up.

More scarecrows

Bird scarers and blackboards

Cardboard teacups filled with a bath tea bag - homemade

We made a big effort growing plants with the children. However, I did have to take most of them home at Easter to water them, and grow back up plants at home, just in case. A colleague also grew loads on her allotment.  We made a really big effort with the plants - a lot of hard work!
and more photos that I don't think I've shared before...
More bean bag frogs...I play catch with the children with these at break time, so I decided to make some to sell.

and of course...more herbie hens...

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