Saturday, 4 July 2015

Fete 2015

This year, as I was in my patchwork schema, I decided to incorporate some small items into my stall. I had got a bit carried away with hexagons over the past couple of months, which I did intend to make into pot holders, but I made so many and they looked so nice that I turned it into a quilt. Having exhausted all my time into that, I realised that I did not have enough for the looming fete, so I made these...

Pot holders...
Moda 30s playtime fabric
 Assorted fabrics, including vintage

 I saw this leaf idea on Pinterest
I think selling handmade goods adds another dimension to the fete. We live in a throwaway society with so many cheap accessible goods, but most people still appreciate handmade items, harking back to an earlier time period of crafting, which is definitely dying out - I know few people (in real life, not blog land) who actually have the time or inclination to sew or create.
However, there is definitely a 'fete price' limit. Over the years I have realised that nothing really sells for more than £1, which is a bit disheartening when you've spent so much time and effort.
Bean bag frogs, made with a Khaki drill and Kaffe Fasset Roman Glass Green fabrics, filled with lentils to weigh them down - they feel deliciously addictive - I use these in the playground with the children - obviously my marketing tactics had worked and they sold out pretty quickly at £1.50 each.


Bean bag turtles/tortoise, more labour intensive, made with a green velvet body and again filled with lentils. The shell is a patchwork flower sewn on top of the body.

Always a good seller, and one of the most 'hit upon' items on my Pinterest is the hessian heart. These were filled with lavender. I cut the hearts out on the Sizzix and these are then very quick and easy to make. The hessian or burlap as it is called in America, is from food sacks from my husband's factory - always looking for that (cheap) recycling opportunity!


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