Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas 2015

Hope you all had a good Christmas
My pet hate....decorating the Christmas tree. We now have a real tree as one of my children was allergic to them when he was young. We went the whole hog this year with an 8ft one and thankfully, my daughter and granddaughter decorated it when I was out. Although most of the decorations ended up at the top due to the little one pulling them off.
A quiet few hours by myself, which is almost unheard of with my large brood, spent making mince pies. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any cutters since remodelling the kitchen, and the only ones I did find in the shed were rusty, so I had to improvise with  a glass to cut the pastry.

However, not to waste those rusty cutters - I turned them into decorations.
New ones ordered for next year!
I found a simple twiggy garland which I altered and added robins, and natural decorations such as pine cones and acorns


Tree's down, back to work tomorrow, but I may leave this one up a bit longer

                                          Plus another one of my brood turns 18, only one 'child' left now.

We went to Cardiff for the day and visited Hatt's Emporium in the market for a tweed waistcoat,
 then onto Barker's tea rooms for breakfast.
Followed by a family tea at home.

so more cake...please no more cake!

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