Saturday, 30 September 2017

Gelli Printing

New toy!

I love printing and after watching lots of YouTube videos I decided to buy a Gelli plate (Ebay), so have been playing around with some leaf printing.

I used a foxglove leaf here.

Some good results with positive and negative prints

I bought my printing inks and brayer from a company in the UK called Handprinted.
You can make your own gelli plate too. I was too impatient, and cost wise not sure how that would work out.

I've already tried it out with the children in school too...

...for our Dinosaur topic using stencils and leaves, with line drawings. 

I love the detail on this dinosaur - we looked at toy model dinosaurs. We 'felt' the skin and looked at all the little lines.

The border has printed footprints. A couple of children looked at the model dinosaur feet, then drew them. I pin-pricked the outline of their drawings onto Styrofoam (you could a pizza base or takeaway tray), cut it out and mounted it onto cardboard, (although you could just print with a cardboard shape too) and printed it.

This one's 'fierce' - look at those teeth!

We used 'volcanic' paint colours. I used ordinary acrylic paint here.

I also used the same leaf printing technique for the background on this Holy Family display. 

Sepia tones for Autumn leaves

Collaged with wrapping paper, hessian, a bit of voile and tissue paper from some new shoes. The gold was from a Christmas cracker.

I wish I took a photo of just the background...I will when I take it down...

and here it is....

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