Friday, 16 September 2011


Whilst on my screen printing course at Cardiff university this year, I indulged a little, in some prints for myself...


Love this print - couldn't resist it.  I googled 'chicken..screenprint', thinking no one would have the same design as me. Although it is a linocut.  It's now framed in my living room, just waiting for a spare bit of wall space!

This is one I bought for my daughter.  It made me smile as I thought of all those years of ballet lessons.

and this one....
 I work in a school and whilst we were studying fairy tales, I find that my work often inspires my art and the also other way around.  This one is mine:

I was trying to do the 'picture within a picture' thing..  It's Little Red Riding Hood....of course someone had done it (alot) better than me, although a more grown up version... I bought this one from Strawberryluna   http ://  It's just so clever, I look at it for ages trying to  figure it out.

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