Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Where do you put all your 'stuff'?

Well first it was under the bed..... then I got a shed for my birthday!

ohh...shed love

Fine in the summer, but very cold and too dark in I saved a cupboard from the skip.

Actually it's a Victorian school cupboard that I will strip down one day..I promise.

very useful

Tins from Marks and Spencer...contents eaten of course and now filled with 'stuff'.

My tribute to Sanna Annukka ..until the day I can afford one of her prints <laughs>,  although I did buy some of her postcards. 
 Update - I noticed someone selling one of these tins on ebay for £50 today....good luck to her....I could be sitting on a gold mine here!  But I like them too much..and a little birdie told me there's a rather cute Russian doll tin coming to M & S this Christmas.. dear Santa...please read my blog..

and the Keane book...

It also contained 2 CDs - which I haven't listened to that wrong?


although whilst googling the other day I found this...

Beautiful embroidered fairtrade cushion cover

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