Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Calming of the Storm

Well we've just finished school for the summer here in sunny Wales. One of my final projects for the year was a prop for the end of year Liturgy - The Calming of the Storm. The whole school walked to Church to celebrate with the Liturgy performance led by our Year 5.

I had 2 days to make a boat (lol). Resourceful cheap as ever, it was made from a couple of cardboard boxes, amply stuck together with packing tape, then covered with a layer of newspaper. The weather held off just long enough to paint it with a mixture of paint and pva glue. 

Some details added for the wood effect. Luckily I had my groupies - a gaggle of 6 year old girls who follow me around the classroom salivating like vultures, eagerly waiting for me to choose them to help me with the odd art project. I set them to work on adding sequins to the waves which were printed using polystyrene, and printing fish. 

Cardboard stands to keep it up

The boat in situ on the altar.

Printed fish

Printed waves, cut out and mounted onto silver paper.

I added fabric waves using a mixture of greens and blues which were pinned onto a large sheet. Two pupils waved it about during the storm. Two others waved a white sheet for the wind. 

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