Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Dark and light

 Some more artwork from the Autumn term. 
Our theme was 'Electric Rainbow' - colour and light.

The children made observational drawings in charcoal of sources of light

Stained glass inspired by Church windows, using tissue and a printed picture of a saint, black strips for the window frame, then laminated. We stuck these onto the classroom windows.

Colour mixing using acrylics to make rainbows, again, using good old paper plates. 

We studied Vincent Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night'. The children wrote about their feelings and descriptions onto speech bubbles for our writing wall.

 We celebrated 'Christ the King' in our class assembly. This is a centrepiece that I had made.

Bonfire night pictures.....oil pastels to cover a piece of A5 paper.

I then painted over them with a mixture of black paint and washing up liquid. A couple of layers needed.

When mounted, the children took them home to 'scratch out' a firework picture.

Hand prints for our communal wall in the cloakroom - again a nice momento.
I used printing ink with a brayer.

 Our colour mixing experiment using Skittles

We used a light box to experiment with colour.

Our 'Owl who was afraid of the dark' display with charcoal pictures.

I hung up black cloth around the area to darken the area so that the children could use their torches.

 Experimenting colour mixing with watercolours

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