Sunday, 19 January 2014

Finger Puppet Mice

Inspired by.....Finger puppet on CBeebies

We made these in school last week, but I wanted to make some longer lasting ones for the role play corner.
I had a piece of grey wool blanket, bought as a bag of scraps from Melin Tregwynt

And contrasting cotton pieces

I've sewn them together with a zigzag stitch - I tried one first, face sides together and turning it around, but it wasn't quite right as the blanket was too thick.

Sewn into cones with a tail added in the seam, then turned around.

The ears: I cut the circles with my ever so trustee Sizzix, then used heat and bond to keep the pink in place, then machine embroidered the onto the grey.

The ears were hand sewn on, with embroidered eyes for safety. I folded over the tail and hand stitched in for extra strength


Twenty mice later...yawn...these will go in the pet shop tomorrow. See link.

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