Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas stockings

It's been a while.....reasons....well my lovely mum passed away last Christmas and I guess I lost my mojo for a while...I've also started studying again which takes up a lot of my time on top of work commitments...along with a big extension on the house..
But I've slowly started making things again...

I used a basic stocking from The Clever Baggers - then in fact, I took them apart as I decided to back them with a pretty Laura Ashley Gingham and added some binding. They were appliqued with brown tweedy fabric for the puddings and robins and I used some of my scraps including Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston. Some sparkly buttons and sequins for that extra shimmer. Made for the kids - little and not so little any more, and my inherited-along-the-way-kids - boyfriend, husband, girlfriend...although it was a close shave getting them finished on Christmas Eve  #stop leaving things to the last minute...

Hope you had a good Christmas too x
As an added extra....
I've used this simple robin design before. Our Christmas play was about a robin, so I quickly mustered up some last minute invitations for the parents. The children cut out their own holly leaf and collaged this sweet little bird.

Then I made a little sewing kit for a Christmas decoration. Again, using the same design, I cut out two different sized circles on my Sizzix, along with the bobbin and wing. I provided the thread and needle too - well not everyone has those at home - can you believe it? They took a while to put together but sold well at the Christmas fair.


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