Friday, 3 January 2014


I'm a great believer in giving things a new life - whether it's buying second hand furniture or looking at every piece of packaging and thinking 'Now what can I make with this?' (My husband can testify to the hoards I have managed to ram into the shed). I use a lot of cardboard and packaging in my projects in my role as a teaching assistant. Making projects with 30 or even 60 children can be a bit pricey too....
I have access to used hessian sacks from my husband's factory, so these come in handy at school fete time..

Sweet little house keyrings.

I've used Cath Kidston for the fabric and machine embroidered using a darning foot - it allows a lot more freedom - takes a bit of getting used to, but is great fun. I've added East of India ribbon and a key ring.

Sold for £1.00 each - believe me that's the going rate at a fete!

Monster keyrings for the boys.

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